Winter Shelter Parking

REACH Home 2019-20
The 2019-20 REACH Home is at 720 West Main Street, between Saints Peter & Paul Coptic Orthodox Church and the Joseph Hall Funeral Home. (Google Maps identifies it as “Coptic Monastery-St. Shenouda.”) Volunteers and others should park in the large lot behind 681 Brown Street (identified as St. Peter’s Soup Kitchen on the image below). There’s a shoveled path to the primary entrance at the rear of REACH Home.

Aerial overview

rear lot (restricted use)

For quick meal drop-offs use the narrow driveway between 720 West Main and the funeral home to access the rear porch primary entry. Beware of the tight turn here from West Main. This small lot is not for parking. Please do not block access to the garage or parking for the adjacent funeral home.


Saints Peter & Paul Coptic Orthodox Church


The small parking areas directly in front of the Coptic Orthodox Church, reached by a semicircular drive, are not plowed and are unusable when there is significant snow. Do not use them unless the area is completely clear.


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