2019 Move

Moving Out Of 2017-19 REACH Home At Dimitri House

October 16th, 2019 was the move-out date for REACH Home at Dimitri House supplies. Twenty McQuaid students and their adult leaders moved the pre-boxed and poly-bagged materials out of the building and readied them for pick-up and relocation to REACH’s new 2019-20 homeless shelter at 720 West Main Street.

As a temporary measure, the students loaded the boxes in REACH’s plastic shelving units at the somewhat weather-protected rear segment of the building. The shelves were loaded just in time as the drizzling rain began. When the House of Mercy truck arrived to pick up the gear, the team mobilized quickly using an assembly line to load the truck. The amazing overall feat of moving out the supplies plus loading a 22-foot trailer and a delivery truck took just under three hours. Congratulations and deep appreciation go the the McQuaid Knights and their record of service to Rochester’s homeless.

The success of the move-out (and move-in at the new REACH Home) relied heavily on the loadmaster expertise of REACH volunteer Jon Saulsgiver and his 22-foot long trailer. Jon raced the clock to load appliances and mattresses before the rains came. Jon has helped REACH with laundry machine donation and assistance over the past two years. Great job, Jon!

Moving Into 2019-20 REACH Home

Supplies and equipment packed and moved earlier on October 16 from the former REACH Home on Union Street needed to be unloaded within hours under threatening weather conditions at our new REACH Home shelter at 720 West Main Street. A team of Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps (NROTC) members from local colleges came to the rescue as part of a planned coordinated activity for that same day. They unloaded household appliances, mattresses, boxed items and other shelter supplies. They moved unneeded furniture into storage on the third floor and helped prepared personal “welcome kit” boxes. They accomplished the work in less than three hours.

The NROTC members helped over the past two years at REACH Home on North Union moving cast iron bath tubs, cleaning wall surfaces, removing heating oil from an obsolete fuel tank and relocating heavy furniture. Last April they repositioned about 45 sidewalk paving stones at the 1179 St. Paul Street tiny home village (in progress) along the parking lot perimeter. REACH is deeply grateful for the continued efforts of the NROTC group comprised of members from local colleges.

The Final Push

Facing a deadline to remove the last material from the 2017-19 winter shelter, REACH put out an emergency appeal for volunteers. The response included some of our most reliable supporters.

Ten college NROTC members arrived on November 9 to move beds, shelves, and other equipment.

The same day members of the local Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints helped complete the task.

On November 10 volunteers Benjamin and Sam completed the work on Union Street by moving mattresses and a shower stall to the new REACH Home. The former REACH Home at Dimetri House will be remodeled to become a low-cost housing option.

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