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Edgerton Meadows

Innovation and collaboration drive REACH Advocacy’s plan to build and operate a tiny home village that provides permanent, supportive, and affordable housing for people experiencing chronic homelessness with extremely low incomes, currently less than $20,000/year (our target population).

An Exciting Novel Program

The plan addresses the systemic issue of a severe lack of housing options for our target population. We plan to do this by infilling a vacant City-owned property with twelve tiny homes at 2-12 Clarence Park in an area of the city that experienced the financial inequities of redlining. Each code-compliant, ADA-accessible, energy-efficient home of 384 sq. ft. built on a permanent foundation will include a kitchen, bathroom, and living/sleeping space.

The Village will have a resident manager, on-site supportive services, a community meeting space, off-street parking, bike lockers, and a community garden. The completed homes will be owned and operated by REACH Advocacy.

Collaborating to Help Reduce Poverty

Supportive housing costs nearly 50% less than supporting a person who is chronically homeless.The purpose of the Tiny Home Village is twofold, the construction of new permanent supportive housing for our target population and the creation of workforce development opportunities that will provide hands-on training during construction and, in some cases, employment.

The Tiny Homes Team has assembled an extensive list of workforce development partners that will provide hands-on training in the construction field to unemployed and underemployed young City residents. The program’s benefits are filling numerous job vacancies in skilled trades throughout the City of Rochester and providing participants with a pathway out of poverty.

Edgerton Meadows, a REACH Advocacy Community, will provide a novel opportunity to further the understanding that Housing is a Human Right.

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