Tiny Homes

In 2018 a site on St. Paul Street was identified as a possible location for a community of tiny homes that might provide shelter, services, and support for a population of the currently homeless; below is a 2016 satellite photo of the site.

Since that time much work has been done to advance this vision. Some of the most recent work at the site is described below.

August 2019 – Boundary Clearing 1

These photos are a testament of the cooperation of the entities and the student volunteerism that made the Brockport incoming freshmen Saturday of Service, August 24th 2019, a major success. Accessed via Brewer Street, the western hillside border of 1179 St. Paul Street was cleared of vegetation and trash debris. This will enable the land surveyor to review the once-cluttered hillside as REACH Advocacy, Inc. takes steps to acquire the property for the proposed tiny home village.

Special thanks to the students and their leaders from Brockport who channeled their energies most productively during a roughly 3-hour interval.

August 2019 – Boundary Clearing 2

Two days later incoming University of Rochester freshmen arrived for their Wilson Day community service project. The twenty-seven UR students joined with a small dedicated REACH crew to safely remove the remainder of the debris from the cluttered west slope of the property that we hope to develop as a tiny home village. These photos attest to the hard work and dedication of the student volunteers. Thanks to the Brockport and University of Rochester volunteers it will soon be possible to do a land survey of an area that had been covered with long-dead trees, branches, trash debris and current undergrowth. We nearly completed the full-width of the land surface during the two service days. The removed and sorted debris now occupies neat piles for transport when planning is completed.

Once again, deep appreciation and special thanks to the diligent RG&E, Monroe County Pure Waters, University of Rochester and Brockport administrators and their extensive legal teams that made this cooperation possible.

REACH’s ground-breaking effort to develop a tiny home village in Rochester was made possible by the major ground-clearing efforts at this property in both 2018 (St. Paul Street land surface) and 2019 (hillside) by the combined UR and Brockport teams.

September 2019 – Boundary Clearing 3

In September the City of Rochester Department of Environmental Services removed the debris collected, moved, and stacked by the Brockport and University of Rochester students during their community service days in August.

This clean-up activity was a remarkable collaboration of the City, Rochester Gas & Electric (Avangrid), Monroe County Pure Waters, Brockport College, University of Rochester and REACH Advocacy. Sixty students helped clear the western border of #1179 St. Paul Street which was accessible via Brewer Street. This effort cleared the landscape for an upcoming land survey. REACH Advocacy hopes to acquire this land for developing a tiny home village for the housing vulnerable.

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