Volunteer Opportunities

Winter Shelter

REACH Home 2019-20
Our 2019-20 low-barrier emergency temporary wintertime shelter will be at 720 West Main St., in a busy central urban neighborhood. Volunteers will be needed for interior cleaning, furniture moving, re-stocking shelter supplies and updating plumbing / electrical systems.

New parking information for all volunteers can be found here.

To help with plumbing, carpentry, and electrical concerns contact Deacon Dan Callan at drdancallan@gmail.com or 585-233-1755.

To help with interior cleaning and setting up rooms contact John Curran preferably by e-mail at jecurran@rochester.rr.com, or call 271-1053 (leave a message) or cell 747-2324 to indicate your availability. Mondays-Wednesdays-Fridays and Saturdays are regular REACH set up volunteer days from 9:00am until 5:00pm. Planning ahead is essential to ensure that someone will be on-site to anticipate your arrival and have materials ready.

To help with programs and support for our guests contact Deborah Peiffer at debbiejp116@yahoo.com or 585-353-9809.

We also will need volunteers to bring in a balanced meal each evening. See here for more information and to sign up.

Donations in kind will also be accepted by prearrangement as above. See here for a list of current needs.

Tiny Home Village

Opportunities will be posted when available, probably Spring 2020. You can see some of our more recent volunteer activity at the site on our Tiny Homes page.

Meet Some Of Our More Recent Volunteers

Cleaning and Preparation for 2019

In a major effort on October 16, students from McQuaid Jesuit high school and Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps members from local colleges, with transportation help from Jon Saulsgiver and the House of Mercy, moved much of the equipment and supplies from the 2017-19 winter REACH Home at Dimitri House to the new 2019-20 shelter. A final push on November 9 and 10 closed out the work at the Union Street site.

Preparation work in October included an intergenerational group of thirty helpers from the local chapter of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (the third large-scale effort from CJCLDS volunteers over the past year) as well as others.


On Veterans Day 2019, sixteen dental hygienist volunteers from Monroe Community College assisted the opening preparations for REACH Home at 720 West Main Street. Tasks ranged from cleaning leaded glass windows, disassembling desks, storing bedding, moving furniture, organizing a clothing room and sorting personal hygiene supplies.


Sunday, November 17th was an opportunity to begin the “last rush” of jobs needing completion before the shelter opens around Thanksgiving. Code Blue emergency bedding got cleaned; mattresses got moved into position; a privacy wall constructed; laundry machines prepared; a new shower installation and other tasks filled the productive day.

PO Box 10845, Rochester, NY 14610 – reachrochester@gmail.com