REACH is looking for volunteers in two support areas:

  • Assistant Secretary, to help give the REACH secretary relief from her current load
  • Development consultant, about 6 hours/month to assist with our Tiny Homes capital campaign

If you are interested in contributing in either of these capacities, or for more information, email

Winter Shelter

The resurgence of COVID-19 prevented our operating a residential shelter this winter (see our November newsletter. REACH has been supporting a hotel-based model, which provides some different opportunities for volunteer support. For more information, or to consider volunteering for our winter shelter, contact Deb Peiffer.

Photos of 2019 shelter volunteer efforts are found here.

Tiny Home Village

The Tiny Home Committee is seeking additional members. They are looking for people who are excited about this project of building Tiny Homes and creating a village for persons experiencing homelessness. Meetings are on the second and fourth Thursdays of the month; if you have an interest in joining please let us know at

In July 2019, as part of the Episcopal Diocese of Rochester’s “Missionpalooza” initiative, a team from Christ Church Pittsford spent the day on site preparation for REACH’s proposed Tiny Home Village.

Their hard work paid off. Every area where they eradicated weeds, placed cardboard (sunlight suppressant), added mulch, topsoil and grass seed now has a healthy and vibrant lawn surface where the tiny homes will be built.

The initial effort began in 2018 for the River Romance weekend when the reclamation technique was introduced here. Subsequent volunteerism from UR and Brockport incoming freshmen, Naval ROTC volunteers, Church of Latter Day Saints members and REACH provided the groundwork for the July 2019 Missionpalooza activity.

The photos below provide a BEFORE and AFTER perspective.

You can see some earlier volunteer activity at the site on our Tiny Homes Volunteers page.