Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer opportunities will be posted here as the need arises

Meet Some Of Our Most Recent Volunteers

Site Preparation for a possible Tiny Home Community

In late August twenty-five incoming freshmen from The College at Brockport (yellow t-shirts) filled two dumpsters with tree branch debris as part of their Saturday of Service. Two days later a similar number of incoming freshmen from the University of Rochester (blue t-shirts) removed debris piles, dug up old fence posts, trimmed trees, cleared vegetation and swept pavement surfaces on their Wilson Day. Together these efforts help the visualization of three 160-foot depth land parcels joining as one for a proposed tiny home village on St. Paul Street to aid affordable housing.

2017-18 Winter REACH Home

RIT and U of R Naval ROTC building preparation volunteers

RIT, SUNY Brockport, and U of R Naval ROTC building basement clean-up volunteers