Support is urgently needed to serve the needs of the homeless men and women currently in residence at REACH Home 2018/19.

Cash Donations

Donations may be made with a check made out to FLACE/REACH Advocacy and mailed to PO Box 10845, Rochester, NY 14610, or donations may be deposited directly to our FLACE/REACH Advocacy account. Click the donate button and then choose REACH Advocacy as the organization you wish to make your donation:

Cash Donations

All donations are tax deductible. Any questions please contact Sarah Peters our donations coordinator at

Donations In Kind

Urgently needed as of March 18: cleaning products (spray cleaner such as Clorox clean up; liquid cleaner for mopping such as Spic and Span, Fabuloso, or the like; aerosol disinfectant such as Lysol spray; laundry bleach), underwear, laundry pods, paper towels, toilet paper.

Here is the current list of ongoing needs. If you prefer you can order through our wish lists at Amazon or Walmart and your donation will be delivered directly to us.